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Online Therapy Process for Schools

We schedule a video conference with you to discuss your school, your students, and your needs involving online speech and language therapy. This is your chance to get to know us and ask any questions you have about our therapeutic approach and online therapy process.

One of our highly trained therapists conducts a basic screening in the areas of speech, language, social-cognitive and executive function for all of the children we will be working with at your school.

Our evaluation process consists of various elements to ensure that we obtain a clear, complete, and thorough picture of every one of your student’s needs. First we ask teachers and parents to fill out a comprehensive intake form that includes background information and a full checklist of important skills in key speech and language areas. This allows us to get a snapshot of each child’s speech and language profile and pinpoint possible areas that will need attention. Testing includes both standardized testing and informal tasks that together provide a clear diagnostic picture of the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

After our screening and evaluation, we discuss the results and talk more in-depth about an integrated therapy plan for your students. We then work with you to design a schedule based on each child’s needs and their availability based on your curriculum.

We begin an integrated therapy plan for each student. Every therapy session contains clear, measurable goals. The therapist will teach the child techniques in a hands-on, multi-sensory manner so they can easily carry them over into other environments. After each session, parents are given their own homework and guidance to ensure continued practice and maximum progress.

We want to combat the growing trend of inattentive therapy we’ve witnessed in school systems throughout the country that hinder children’s development.


BrainWaze provides an effective alternative to these superficial approaches.
We form integrated therapy plans that lead to tangible, research-based results.

BrainWaze Therapists Join Forces With Schools To:
  • Supplement their current SLPs and help cover their workload
  • Provide specialized therapy to one or several children who have unique issues
  • Act as the school’s full-time therapist(s) by coordinating with educators and parents on a regular basis

The issues we’ve seen in schools and have to work on combating with our new patients:

  • One-size-fits-all therapy that overlooks individual needs
  • ”False start therapy” – initiating therapy without proper analysis of child’s causative issues
  • Failure to address the social and cognitive issues that often accompany speech
  • Negligence to properly diagnose the underlying problem
  • No coordination with parents for at-home reinforcement techniques