Every child is different, but our typical process consists of:

The screening we offer is a quick and effective way to see if your child can benefit from our services. One of our highly trained therapists conducts a basic screening in the areas of speech, language, social-cognitive and executive function with your child. This is a great way to get a professional opinion before spending time and money on a full evaluation. In just 30 minutes, you can get to know us and see if our programs could work for you and your child.

Our evaluation process consists of various elements to ensure that we obtain a clear, complete, and thorough picture of your child’s needs. First we ask parents to fill out a comprehensive intake form that includes background information and a full checklist of important skills in key speech and language areas. This allows us to get a snapshot of the child’s speech and language profile and pinpoint possible areas that will need attention. Testing includes both standardized testing and informal tasks that together provide a clear diagnostic picture of the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

After our screening and evaluation, we discuss the results and talk more in-depth about what an integrated therapy plan for your child would involve.

We begin an integrated therapy plan specifically for your child. Every therapy session contains clear, measurable goals. Your therapist will teach your child techniques in a hands-on, multi-sensory manner so they can easily carry them over into other environments. After each session, parents are given their own homework and guidance to ensure continued practice and maximum progress.

Regular communication between parents and clinicians guarantees that therapy can be modified for ongoing progress. We constantly troubleshoot therapy based on needs that arise over time, and parents will begin to see significant progress throughout their child’s daily life. After six months to one year of therapy, we re-evaluate clients with both standardized and informal testing to ensure that all of the initial goals have been met. Having assessed the child’s progress, BrainWaze re-evaluates integrated therapy plans as often as needed so they continue to make considerable and measurable progress moving forward.

Therapy will continue at a pace that suits each child’s individual needs. In some cases, the speech or language impairment has been solved and the child no longer needs therapy, where in other cases it is beneficial for children to continue a level of therapy for years to come, or come in for annual or bi-annual check-ins.