General Questions

We believe in bringing exceptional therapy to children wherever they may be, and that includes public and private schools. Every state and school district has their own specific requirements, so contract development differs for every school. We dedicate ourselves to partnering with school districts and state associations to meet the needs and requirements for services. You can read more about our process in our Online Therapy for Schools section.
Individual clients pay out-of-pocket for therapy. Depending on the client’s state and insurance policy, some individuals are able to get reimbursed through their insurance.
For school contracts, some clients use Title 1 money to pay for speech and language therapy. The laws differ state by state. Due to the cost savings of hiring our therapists to work with children remotely, most schools are able to fund BrainWaze therapy for their students after we’ve coordinated a contract with their school board.
Individual clients, which are mainly private pay, are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis with the credit card information they provide us with in their Welcome Packet.
The payment process for schools is dependent upon their school board’s billing practices. Typically, we bill on a monthly basis after establishing the amount of hours of therapy we will provide per week.

Therapy Questions

This depends on the scope and nature of the child’s needs. We create such individualized programs for every child, that it’s impossible to project how long therapy will take. While every child is unique, we typically begin to see noticeable progression after 4-6 weeks. The time frame is even shorter when the tips and tricks we teach parents and educators during sessions are reinforced at home and school.
You are only committed to us for as long as you’re happy. We want you to stick with us because you see significant improvement in your child, not because we’ve tied you down to a contract.
We typically schedule sessions once or twice a week. As expected, conducting therapy sessions twice a week is significantly more effective.
Speech and language therapy can be a powerful eye-opener for children as well as their caretakers. In addition to the legal requirement that a guardian or educator being present, we always encourage parents and educators to be attentive during therapy.
Parents are empowered when they sit in, and they become informed and educated consumers of the therapy, which allows them to carry out initiatives at home. When teachers or aids sit in, it allows them to learn more techniques that they can generalize into classroom settings.
After screening your child and learning about their needs, we match them up with one of our highly skilled therapists. All BrainWaze therapists hold a masters in Speech and Language Pathology and have extensive training under their belt.
Absolutely. We believe that by practicing open communication and common goal setting, children can benefit from our therapy more holistically. We always make ourselves available for calls and questions from parents and teachers, regardless of whether you are an individual or school client. Parents can also share our evaluation results to help teachers and other professionals understand the challenges and progress of their child.
Additionally, we’re able to provide parents with more in-depth coaching and consultation, which we can schedule as a separate session.
We have extensive experience engaging children who have cognitive and behavioral issues. BrainWaze therapy is designed to be interesting and interactive, with plenty of colorful games and videos. Our materials are multidimensional and hands-on, so most of our children really enjoy the sessions and look forward to them. If a child has ongoing behavioral problems during sessions, we work with their parent or aid to set up a behavior chart to incentivize good behavior. Keep in mind that these issues, if present, will decrease as we develop a closer relationship with your child and learn what works best to engage them.
BrainWaze is flexible with scheduling in order to fit into your life as best as possible, but we have policies for coming late or missing sessions in order to be fair to every client.
If you sign in to a session late, we will still gladly work with you, but only for the rest of the allotted appointment time.
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you don’t cancel at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for a full session.

Technology Questions

Our sessions are powered by the easy-to-use WebEx. Before beginning regular therapy, we will do a quick trial session to help you become familiar with the process. During this trial session, we spend 15 minutes showing you the WebEx system and doing any troubleshooting, should the need arise. To start an online therapy session, all you have to do is login to the WebEx website and you will automatically be connected to your therapist who will already be logged in on the other end. All you need is a computer with a steady internet connection, a webcam and a headset. There are no other hardware or software requirements for WebEx.
Sometimes we assign homework after a therapy session, which we will email to you and expect your child to complete before our next meeting.
WebEx allows us to interact simultaneously with your child even while we lead them in other activities. The child and therapist can continuously see and hear each other in a box in the corner of the screen while playing games or writing on a “shared virtual whiteboard.”
We host all of our materials on the WebEx website, so there is no need to have separate windows or multiple tabs open. Sometimes we interact face-to-face on a full screen, and other times the screen will simultaneously display learning materials. We work hard to make sure every therapy session is an  engaging, seamless experience.
As long as you have a basic knowledge of computers, you will be able to successfully initiate the sessions.
Due to the prevalence of computers in and out of the classroom these days, most children are already very comfortable using technology. Our 15 minute trial session before we begin therapy will allow us to answer any technology questions you may have.