Working Memory is a subset of executive function, and refers to the ability to learn, process, and retain information. It is an essential part of learning and communicating.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a program designed to improve memory with computer-based exercises. 

We recommend if for children with ADHD and other learning disabilities that make it difficult to focus and organize thoughts.
Its focus areas are reading, math, and sustained, and it can be easily customized to fit each child’s age and learning level.
The program is a fun and effective way to bolster confidence and working memory as it grows with the child’s skills to continue to challenge them.
We are an official Cogmed Provider and have seen first-hand how it can help children improve their concentration, cognition, and emotional intelligence.

Does my child need Cogmed Working Memory Training?

  • Does your child have a hard time concentrating on tasks?

  • Does your child’s attention switch back-and-forth easily?

  • Does your child forget instructions easily?

  • Does your child have a hard time multitasking?