Building Skills.

Building Confidence.

Building Lives.

Therapy is not a one-person endeavor. It is a goal-oriented collaboration between the patient, their family, their therapist and their educators. We set unique goals for every child, and we love seeing the smile on his or her face when she/he works hard to achieve them.

Many patients come to us from other therapists who didn’t diagnose the real root of the problem and therefore tried approaches that aren’t best for their child. We devote ourselves to a thorough testing and diagnostic process for every child before beginning therapy. Accurate, holistic diagnostics is what the foundation of effective therapy is built upon. We empower and educate parents to be a leading role in changing their child’s life by giving them the tools to successfully generalize the skills learned to all areas of the child’s life through education, collaboration, and transparency.

The BrainWaze Process

The screening we offer is a quick and effective way to see if your child can benefit from our services.

Our evaluation process consists of various elements to ensure that we obtain a clear, complete and thorough picture of your child’s needs.

After our screening and evaluation, we discuss the results and talk more in-depth about what an integrated therapy plan for your child would involve.

We begin an integrated therapy plan specifically for your child. Every therapy session contains clear, measurable goals.

Regular communication between parents and clinicians guarantees that therapy can be modified for ongoing progress. After six months to one year of therapy, we re-evaluate clients with both standardized and informal testing to ensure that all of the initial goals have been met.

If needed, therapy will continue at a pace that suits each child’s individual needs.

The BrainWaze Difference

BrainWaze is a family of passionate, approachable therapists with decades of experience. With the use of online video conferencing, we’re now able to help children, families and schools all over the country with convenient and effective online therapy. We stress the importance of involving parents and teachers on a deeper level to get a full picture of the child’s history, strengths, and weaknesses. We believe that when a child’s well being and potential is at stake, every question, theory and step should be considered in helping them.