Professional Development Webinars!

Bring BrainWaze Therapy Techniques Into Your Classroom!

Over the past 8 years, BrainWaze has created and tested many receptive language, expressive language, social cognition, and executive function techniques that has helped and continues to help thousands of children succeed in the classroom. Using the power of communication technology, BrainWaze is now offering Professional Development Webinars to guide teachers and professionals on how to help their students succeed.

  • Detect Main Idea

  • Develop Inferential Thinking

  • Facilitate Predictions

  • Summarize Information

  • Teach Note Taking Skills

  • Use Graphic Organizers
  • Teach Context Vocabulary Clues

The webinars are given by licensed and experienced Speech-Language Pathologists.
During the webinar, the SLP will present on exclusive techniques created by BrainWaze. These techniques were used by thousands on students across the USA.
Using communication technology, the webinar will be conducting in the convenience of your own school. Minimize traveling time and expenses but don’t compromise on quality!
Contact us to schedule a webinar! We will work with you to set up a time that works for your staff.
BrainWaze has been working with children and adolescents for 9 years to develop their speech and language skills. Using programs designed by BrainWaze staff, BrainWaze has changed the lives of thousands of students by guiding them to success at home and in the classroom.
Using a high-quality online webinar platform, a BrainWaze SLP will present a highly informative and interactive webinar.
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