Parent and Client Testimonials

I am so grateful for all that BrainWaze has done to help my son. His therapist works with patience, devotion and expertise to ensure that every session is used to maximize the time and teach him necessary skills that he will generalize into the classroom. His therapist takes each student’s personality and needs into planning her sessions and her focus is to build the students confidence and self esteem as well as their language skills. We look forward to our session every week!
A.Z., Parent of a 10 year old client
Your determination to discover the gift in each of your students shows a level of respect and caring that many of them have never known before. The world is a better place because of the talents you have discovered and nurtured and others.
Mrs. K., Parent of a 13 year old client
Being that you are a speech therapist, you must surely be familiar with people who have no words. Truly, we do not feel able to properly articulate our thanks and profound gratitude for the vital tools you have helped our son acquire. You have always done this with an incredible synthesis of skills knowledge intuition and extraordinary talent. We feel immense appreciation for your genuine concern and involvement with S’s growth as you shaped and guided his development.
Mrs. K., Parent of a 12 year old client
I will never be able to adequately thank you for all that you have done for me. Whether it was mindbenders, list, cause and effect or problem solving, your patience for me was endless. Not only that but because of you I talk more, last more, and best of all I can tell a joke that I actually understand! I will never forget how much you have helped me. Thank you!
T., 15 year old client

School Testimonials

We have worked with the BrainWaze group for close to a decade now. We have chosen to work with them, and continued to work with them, because we have seen clear and direct results from their services. Child by child, BrainWaze has customized language programs, providing children with the guidance each one needs. Two workshops, designed to help teachers understand how to teach in a language-based manner, were given, providing teachers with skills and the integrated approach that brings students forward in their skills. We have seen that the therapy offered is targeted towards areas that need improvement and we enjoy working with BrainWaze for the good of our students.
Mrs. Rena Malinowitz, Principal
All of our experiences dealing with BrainWaze were extremely positive. The staff members were competent, professional and highly qualified. They offered an integrative approach to language therapy that included an understanding to each student’s social and academic learning profile. The intervention was targeted to meet the individual student’s goals which resulted in obvious improvement. BrainWaze, guides and recommends the best possible therapy approach needed, based on their professional assessments as well as classroom teacher and parent concerns.
Mrs. Toby Frand, Service Coordinator Catapult Learning